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June, 2018

I Got My Visa!

Praise God! I received my telex visa in my email a few weeks ago. I sent it off to the Indonesian consulate here in LA, along with my passport. Hopefully my passport will beat me back to Houghton. Once I get to Indonesia, I will need to apply for a multiple entry/exit visa, but this limited stay visa is the first step in the process. 

Dad's Eye Recovery

Dad's eye is doing well. He has a gas bubble in his eye that was put there to hold the retina in place during the recovery time. That bubble will dissipate over the next four weeks. He has limited vision above and below the line of the bubble. Once it has fully dissipated, discussions will start about whether he will get a lens implant or just where contacts/glasses. 

May, 2018

Preparations Are Going Well!

- I have a house to move into in Indonesia

- I am slowly acquiring furniture for my house.

- I have a motorbike to drive when I get to Indonesia.

- Financial support is coming in to help offset moving costs! Thank you to everyone who has helped me!

Subbing Full-Time

One week ago I was asked to do a long-term subbing job for a month. This has made subbing so much more enjoyable. I will finish out my time in California in the same classroom with the same students. 

June, 2018

My Extended Family

Please pray for my Uncle Andy, Aunt Karen, and their three daughters Liz, Rachel, and Rebecca. They are mourning the loss of their daughter, Emily (as well as their son Tyler).

Here is some of the backstory. Tyler Christensen, my cousin, ran away more than two years ago. He was 16 when he ran away. There has been no conclusive evidence about what happened to him, but a memorial service was held for him almost a year ago. His birthday was a few days ago, June 2nd.

On June 4th, my cousin Emily, Tyler's older sister, decided to take her own life. She was battling depression ever since the disappearance of her brother Tyler. The whole Christensen clan needs prayer and guidance on how best to be a comfort in this awful, sad time. Only the peace of God can comfort in this time, and I ask for prayers from everyone who sees this. 

Roadtrip From Cali --> New York

Please pray that Naomi and I have a safe trip back to New York.

Dad's Eye Recovery

Dad's eye is doing well, however, he has the start of a film forming on the back of his retina. This is a complication that can happen sometimes, and if the film causes a wrinkle in the retina, that may mean more surgery to smooth it out. Please pray that this does not happen because recovery was such a bear the last time.  

May, 2018

Preparing For Indonesia

As I get ready to leave for Indonesia, here are some of the things that I will be praying about:

- getting my visa before I depart

- selling my car 

- furnishing my house in Indonesia

- transitioning well

April, 2018

Dad's Eye Injury

Hello All! My dad had a freak accident while packing up the car for a road trip. A bungie cord he was tying down snapped up and hit him in the eye. He got hit in the eye on Easter, and has since had multiple consultations with an eye doctor. He had exploratory surgery the day after he got hit, but they couldn't find anything obviously wrong with the eye. A week later, he had another appointment with the specialist. They recommended that he gets surgery to reattach his retina.

The surgery to reattach his retina was successful and he survived the week long post-surgery recovery time. The recovery involved a week of sitting looking face down 50 minutes each hour followed by a 10-minute break! 

He is still recovering (but not in the face down position). He needs glasses (because they had to remove the lens from his eye during surgery) before he can drive by himself, and he can not lift anything heavier than 40 pounds. They have been keeping a close eye on his blood pressure and he seems to be doing well on the current regimen of BP pills.

Praise the Lord that he can see! Thank you for all your prayers!

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