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Bethany's Teaching Adventure

Reaching the world for Christ through international Christian education.

Serving with NICS (Network of International Christian Schools)

Invitation to Join My Prayer Team!

Hello, All! I would love to invite you to join my support team as a prayer partner.

Moving to a new place (even one I have been to before) brings with it many new challenges. I will definitely need prayer (and advice) as the Lord helps me tackle these new challenges.

First things first, here are some things I am very thankful for:

1. The opportunity to go back to Indonesia and teach art.

2. Two jobs (subbing and teaching painting classes) that are giving me valuable experiences in managing classrooms and teaching art.

Here are some of the things I need prayer for right now:

1. Indonesian Visa (paperwork has been submitted and I am waiting for my telex visa right now).

2. Selling my car and packing for 2 years in Indonesia.

3. Preparing material for my art classroom next year.

4. Raising $5,000 for moving costs.


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